Why AG Industries?

From research to registration AG Industries is your partner in filtration systems. Whether you are seeking to update components of your existing device or create cutting edge, innovative, full filtration systems, we have vertically integrated our manufacturing lines to ensure process and quality control every step of the way. AG will be your partner during concept development, manufacturing, testing, validation, and beyond.

Dedicated to the highest standards of operation through every step of a project, our facility is FDA registered and holds an ISO 13485:2003 certification. AG Industries’ 30 years of experience provides the deep well of resources needed to develop innovative designs and engineering solutions. Additionally, our expert team of project managers work with you to ensure a smooth process from the first sparks of creation to submission of your 510(k) applications. Aligning your direction and requirements with our techniques and commitment to excellence is the most efficient and effective path to bring your product to market.

From micro plastic injection molding lines to precision die cutting services, no job is too complex for AG Industries to design and manufacture for your company. In-house design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to control every aspect of the manufacturing and design process to bring you a quality product on time. No job is too complex for AG to design, manufacture and stock for your company.